Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Oreo Truffles

Oh my oh my, thank you so very much to Nikki of Chef In Training for the inspiration for this delicious recipe and allowing me to post it on my blog. Check out Nikki's blog for some truly mouthwatering ideas. You can go to Nikki's original recipe at...                 
I have put her recipe below but converted it to metric measurements.
All you need is:
Oreo cookies
(Nikki uses double cream Oreo's but the regular ones worked fine with a little more cheese)
Cream cheese
Candy melts or Nestle chocolate melts
  1. In the food processor, or with a lot of patience, crush the packet of biscuits to a fine crumb. 
  2. Add in 1/3 of a 250g block of cream cheese.
  3. Process or mix to form a thick dough.
  4. Roll the dough into bite sized balls (you can make slightly bigger ones and add sticks to make cake pops)
  5. Pop the balls in to the fridge for about 10 mins whilst you clean your bench, processor and get ready the next step.
  6. Have ready a small bowl with a couple of crushed oreos in it and another bowl with your melted choc / candy melts. 
  7. Have a cookie sheet nearby with a sheet of baking paper on it.
  8. Simply use two forks and roll each ball in the melted choc, gently lifting them on to the paper to set.  Sprinkle with bits of crushed oreo.
  9. Allow to set and enjoy!
These are literally to die for. They are soft, sweet, chocolate covered bitefuls of deliciousness. What's even better is they are so, so easy! Shhhhh don't tell anyone.

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