Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Fairy Wand Tutorial

We have our school spring fair in about a months time and I am busy making crafts for my stall.  We will be having home made fudge, cookies and of course fairy wands along with other goodies.  I HATE ugly fairy wands and hate even more terrible ones made of cardboard.  We want fairy wands that are solid and strong and BEAUTIFUL!!!  Here is my tutorial for a wand that costs only about $2.50 to make.  It makes a terrific seller for craft fairs or school fetes.

Wooden stars are available at most craft/hobby stores for about $2...Okay - I guess my wands only cost about $2.50 each because I already have LOTS of craft supplies, paints, brushes, glitter, sparkly jewel thingys, ribbons, glues etc. Just use whatever scraps you have or I guess your stars will cost more :(

Step 1:  Paint your wand
Paint everything, both sides, the edges and the stick and leave to dry

Step 2:  Trace your star onto pretty paper
THIS is the trick to making your fairy wand extra extra pretty.  If you just painted the wand and glued on sparkly things it is BORING. 
Draw around your star onto a pretty paper (scrapbook paper is awesome)

Step 3:  Cut out the paper star
Cut out the paper star a bit smaller than your pencil marks.

Step 4:  Attach the paper to the wooden star

Using double-sided tape, glue, or whatever you have, stick the paper star on.

Step 5:  Seal the edges with glitter glue
Using a coordinating colour of glitter glue, seal along the edges of the paper.  Add glitter glue anywhere on the paper you think would look pretty and also use it as glue and to decorate.

Step 6:  Decorate
 This is the most fun part.  Use whatever you have, particularly sparkly stuff!  Cover your star with pretty jewels, sparkles, butterflies, flowers, the more the merrier.  Put dots of glitter glue on top of them to add more sparkle.
Let your star dry completely then finish it off with a coat of MOD PODGE gloss to protect it and tie on some matching ribbons.

Have fun and you can create some beautiful beautiful fairy wands!

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