Friday, 25 November 2011

Christmas Card Tutorial #3 - Recipe Flap

This card doubles as a gorgeous gift... and if you want to add a jar of home-baked goodies as per the recipe card included... it will be even sweeter!
The card has an adorable little girl baking and a secret flap containing your favourite Christmas recipe.  I like to do sugar cookies or gingerbread and add a tiny cookie cutter adorned with matching ribbon to the card on to the envelope.

Step 1:  Gather your Supplies
 You will need:
* two pieces of christmassy coloured plain cardstock
* one piece of patterned paper (I've used green polka dots)
* Christmas tabs (or make your own using your cardstock scraps)
* A little printed label stating your recipe (eg. Christmas Sugar Cookie Recipe)
* a cute image
* coordinating ribbon
* mini cookie cutters (if appropriate to your recipe)

This will make you about four matching cards!

I've added the little girl image here that I used, so you can use her if you like.

Step 2:  Mount the image
Mount your image on one of your coordinating cardstocks

Step 3:  Make your recipe flap
This is probably the only "tricky" part of the card.  Simply print out your recipe in an easy to read font.  I have used Martha Stewarts Sugar Cookie Recipe. 
Mount your little girl image on to a bent flap of your other cardstock.
Tape the recipe in to the opened flap and fold it in so it is hidden when the flap is shut.  I left a bit sticking out the top so I could add a tab and the name of the recipe.

Step 4:  Prepare your card base
I have pinking sheared the edges of the base colour, then added a top rectangle in the patterned paper.

Step 5:  Attach your recipe flap
then add some ribbon to the back of your card on either side...
this is then tied at the front of the card to keep the recipe flap closed...
add your cute cookie cutter (House store sell these little ones for about $2 each) with a ribbon matching your card.  Home-made card and gift all in one :)

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