Thursday, 24 November 2011

Christmas Card Tutorial #2 - Vintage

Vintage inspired Christmas card - really simply and beautiful.  I do wish now looking at it that I had "inked" the edges of the patterned cardstock and maybe even the flowers with a sepia coloured ink...just to age it a bit...

Step 1:  Gather your Supplies.
To create this gorgeous card you will need a simple vintage picture (I found mine on the internet - printed it off on heavy grade paper and cut it out!), a coordinating patterned paper, a plain coloured piece of cardstock (I used black), a couple of bought flowers or make your own.  A couple of brads (split pins) that match the cardstock, some lace, a basic plain card.

Step 2:  Prepare the Image
 tape / glue your image onto your plain coloured cardstock
Cut around to create a border.  I've used pinking shears.

Step 3:  Make your base
Using your patterned paper - mat it on your coordinating cardstock and tape/glue to your card.

Step 4:  Add your Image
Tape or glue your image where you like on your card.

Step 5:  Prepare your embellishments and add
Add brads or buttons to your flowers to coordinate with the plain cardstock.
Tape on a strip of lace, a couple of little folded strips of the coordinating cardstock and then your flowers... and it is complete!

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