Saturday, 19 November 2011

Christmas Card Tutorial #1

Here is my first Christmas Card Tutorial.  Basically, I love to give home made Christmas Cards, but I don't have hours and hours of time, so I create simple designs and make multiple cards.  I use scrapbooking papers, but you can simply use any coloured cardboard, Christmas wrap, old Christmas Cards or any paper scraps you have - old sheet music is beautiful!

Step 1.  Gather your supplies
You will need:
* A pack of blank cards and envelopes (craft store), or make your own
* Coloured papers, particularly with Christmas designs and plain
* Double sided tape or a glue stick
* Scissors and Patterned blade scissors if you like
* A paper trimmer (or scissors and a ruler)
* Ribbons, buttons, scraps

Step 2.  Add a base colour
Simply cut a piece of card in a nice colour (I have used sparkly cardstock from the scrapbook store) and paste/tape to one half of your card.

Step 3.  Add a contrast
Add a piece of card with a nice pattern - I have used a Christmas scrapbook paper.  I have cut the edge that overlaps with patterned scissors, however, this looks just as good with the "ripped" style or simply cut straight.

 Step 4.  Make Flowers
 Buying fabric/paper flowers from the scrapbook store or craft store is expensive - AND you need to get so many so you have different colours to match everything.  I prefer to make my own, they are whimsical, sweet and CHEAP and match any card perfectly.  To start, cut out squares in varying sizes.

 Cut the squares (or rip) into flower shapes - wobbly is fine, they don't need to be perfect.
 Using your fingernails, bend the edges of the petals to soften them up.
Tape or glue two or more flower pieces together and add a button or brad to the centre.
There, two cute little home made flowers ready to stick on!

Step 5.  Add your embellishments
 Tape / Glue a piece of ribbon across the plain colour of your card.
Don't want to spend money on ribbon?  Use a piece of card/paper that matches the rest of your papers.
 Tuck the ends under.

 Add your flowers wherever you like.

Step 6.  Words
Although not necessary on a pretty card, this can just finish everything off.  I cut these words off an old Christmas Card from last year!  However, you can print words off from your computer, find words in magazines, buy sheets of word sentiments from scrapbook and craft stores, or simply hand write it yourself.  I simply mounted it onto some cardstock to contrast with my card and then taped it on.

Voila !  Your finished Christmas card in 10 minutes.  Don't forget to write on the back it was hand-made by you! 

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