Wednesday, 24 August 2011

This week in Australia is book week - and Friday two of my children have their book week parade at school.  A chance to dress up as a favourite character!  My little Miss 5 is going as Angelina Ballerina - Mummy has been busy sewing up a tutu, little white mouse tail, mouse ears and pink shoes, whilst Mr 8 requests a Willy Wonka costume - Mummy has already bought the top hat, just to sew a purple suit now and decorate the cane (probably need some golden tickets and chocolate too!).  Adorable.  Will take photos of the finished costumes and add instructions for other budding costume makers!

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Moving House

We moved house last weekend - THAT was an event.  We had lovely helpers from our church help with moving furniture, packing and cleaning for us.  All in all it made it a much more pleasant experience - and best of all, meals cooked for us! 

I am finishing up at my work at the end of September when my contract is done and so, so looking forward to just spending time making our home lovely, scrapbooking, craft and cooking and spending time with the little ones.  Little Miss 5 only has until early next year until she is full time at Kindergarten and I will miss having her at home, so shall enjoy it while I can.

Planning lots of craft and painting and room decorating - sigh, can't wait.